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Is Cardio Really The Answer To How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

By Phil Tsang

Take a look at top sprinters and you'll notice that they have great physiques. So if defined abs and a lean body is what you want, doesn't it make sense to take up cardio like the runners and sprinters? Surely they seem to have the answer to how to get rid of belly fat?

If you guessed that this was the case, then you're probably spending a vast amount of time on cardio workouts. I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag, because contrary to popular belief the answer to how to get rid of belly fat isn't cardio alone.

Not only are sprinters and long distant runners top athletes, i.e. this is what they do for a living, but the intensity of their training is second to none. Whilst you may spend little over 30 minutes on the rowing machine or treadmill, these guys are training solid for hours a day.

More importantly their average workout consists of more than pure cardio workouts. If you thought that's all they did, then you're surely mistaken. You can't get a great set of biceps or abs from purely running, even if you ran for eight hours a day for the rest of your life.

It's not even the best way to lose belly fat quick either. Even marathon runners pay attention to strength and not just speed and stamina. Meaning they will combine cardio with weight training during their workout sessions.

Although their goal isn't to lose belly fat quick or build a nice set of abs, their training produces the results as almost a bi-product. So if you're wondering if this is how to get rid of belly fat, then the answer is 'yes' and 'no'

Why? Because if you follow their footsteps and do exactly as they do, you will be able to attain the same physique. You'll also gain the ability to run extensive distances like a lion. So although this method is great, if you want to know how to get rid of belly fat, it's not essentially the best way to lose belly fat quick.

What's more, I really doubt that anyone with a full time job is able to dedicate the needed hours. However there is much to be learnt from these athletes. One, is that combining the right mix of intensive cardio and weight training is the key to burning fat fast. Cardio alone will bring success at a much slower rate and often fails at removing the top layer of fat, which needs to be uncovered if you want those abs visible.

Cardio can be healthy, but unless you plan to run like a madman everyday until you pass out, it's not going to help you lose belly fat quick. To change this, however you just need to add a little twist to your training.

In addition you need to pay attention to what you eat. Again something all serious athletes do. A good combination of carbs, fat and protein can accelerate fat loss combined with the proper exercise regime.

The key to fast fat loss is by creating a fat burning furnace. No, I don't mean go out and build yourself a fire. Finding the right exercises that turns your body heat and heart rate up is one of the fastest way to lose belly fat quick. A good idea would be to find specific exercises that target your abdominals.

The blueprints on how to get rid of belly fat are guarded closely by expert fitness instructors and top athletes. However, you can get your hands on the exact same blueprints and work to a leaner and more ripped body.

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