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How to Get Your "Ex" Back - The 5 Steps to Get Your "Ex" Back.

By Peter De Gier

After a break up, most of us still want to get back with our exes. Here I will try my best to give some tips how to start this process. Also, think about why you broke up with your ex... maybe it's not time to get back together. Think about it too... please. If there was ever any violence in your relationship forget about it!

1. Stay strong - Keep your head up

It is never good after a break up to act depressed. I know it is hard, and that you are very sad and feel like crying whenever a love song plays on the radio. It's normal, it's human. But you need to be strong now. Do not show signs of weakness, your ex didn't go out with you in the past because you were weak did he? No, there is no need to act weak now.

2. Take some time away, some time off

Now after every breakup, all your friends are there for you. They all tell you how much better you are than he or she is. They tell you they can hook you up with someone else in no time. And of course they are your friends, that's what they are supposed to do. But all you really want is to get back with her/him. So take some time alone, after all the problems are between you and your ex, not between you, your ex and your friends. This is a crucial step to get back with your ex. Take some time to think things over, also give your ex this time. Maybe all you needed was a little break, long enough for you to start missing each other again.

3. Do not play hard to get - do not act differently

Remember, it is your ex we are talking about here. Not some random person you want to be with. Now playing hard to get might be a nice flirting technique, it is not wise to use it on your ex. Why? Because he/she knows you through and through. There's no point of playing games. You have been together, you know what she likes, or what she doesn't like. Use that instead of playing random flirting games. This is a strong step towards getting back with your ex.

4. Socialize, show yourself, live life

What's the point of staying at home? Feeling so sad you can't sleep anymore. Go, get out put your make up on (woman), shave (men) and do something social. I am not saying flirt with other people, but go out with your friends. Let yourself be seen, show you are still alive. You want to cast the same image as in tip number 1, YOU CAN DEAL WITH THIS.

5. Keep it real

This is I think the most important step. He or she is your ex, face it. Try and remember the good times you had together. Now also try and remember the bad times you had together. Remember why you liked them, why you guys were together. It is common that we make up a perfect image of our ex, and when we are back together, the relationship fails because it is not what we expected.

Do not fool yourself. If she or he is worth it, then fight for it, like you've never fought before. But please, do fight for who he/she really is, not for who you want her/him to be.

Have you done these 5 steps? Now it's time to get up and get your ex back. First of course, you owe it to yourself to read this article: Making A Relationship Last!

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